Townhall Media’s Jonathan Garthwaite on the Conservative Facebook Meeting

Palo Alto, CA

VP and General Manager Jonathan Garthwaite represented Townhall Media among a small group of conservative leaders at Facebook headquarters Wednesday afternoon. Roughly a dozen right-leaning media outlets and television personalities met with Mark Zuckerberg and other top Facebook executives to discuss allegations that the company purposely blacklisted conservative media outlets (via Gizmodo) in its trending topic platform.

“Yesterday’s meeting was the first step I was hoping for after hearing last week’s reports. The Facebook team was open to frank conversation and suggestions for how to improve transparency and trust from the group. They made an effort to explain and break down their content curating processes and the potential flaws that come with an imperfect and ever-adapting system.

“I expect that Townhall Media will continue to engage in open dialogue and feedback as Facebook makes strides to regain conservative trust.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s response to yesterday’s meetings can be found here. For additional background and Townhall Media commentary, see Politico’s article from May 16.