October 6, 2015

Contact: Amanda Muñoz

Washington, D.C. – Townhall Media announced Monday that Leon Wolf has been appointed Managing Editor of RedState.com. Leon’s leadership position comes as current Editor-In-Chief, Erick Erickson, winds down his tenure with the site. Erickson will be taking on several different projects at the start of 2016.

General Manger and Vice President of Townhall Media, Jonathan Garthwaite, welcomed Leon and thanked Erick, saying, “We are happy to welcome Leon Wolf to the Townhall Media team. He earns more and more respect from readers each day, and I’m certain RedState is in very capable hands as he builds upon the influential framework set for us with Erick Erickson at the helm.”

Monday morning, Erickson wrote, “Over the last few years, Leon has taken on more of a role behind the scenes on his own…As things keep getting busier and busier for me, with a new book coming out early next year, seminary and more and more radio obligations, it is only fitting that I’m bringing Leon on today as our new managing editor.”

Wolf, who has been a regular RedState contributor, said, “After over a decade writing for the site, I’m immensely proud of what it’s become under Erick’s leadership and direction. I consider myself privileged to have the opportunity to lead the site onward into the next election cycle and beyond.”

It has truly been a pleasure getting to know and work with Erick since RedState became part of the Townhall Media family two years ago. We cannot thank him enough for his tireless effort in making the site what it is today, and moreover, for his leadership in shaping political discourse. We look forward to remaining close allies in our shared fight for conservative ideals.