ICYMI: Rubio Exclusive on RedState: President Obama’s Deeply Flawed Relationship With Iran


By: Diary)  |  January 16th, 2016
Earlier this week, Americans were shocked by images of our sailors being subjected to humiliation by the Iranian military.  They were forced to kneel with their hands behind their heads.  A female sailor was made to wear a head covering and the commander told to “look happy” and answer questions on camera that were then broadcast throughout Iran and around the world.
As our men and women in uniform were being used as propaganda props by the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, President Obama was preparing to provide their hostage takers with upwards of $100 billion in sanctions relief and endorse an Iranian nuclear capability.
That relief will begin today, the so-called “Implementation Day” of President Obama’s deeply flawed deal with Iran.  Iran will receive much-needed funds to expand its regional aggression and its support to terrorist groups like Hezbollah.
By channeling this money to Tehran and giving the mullahs international legitimacy, the Obama administration is fueling the greatest growth in Iranian power since the Islamic Republic was established in 1979. What’s worse, for months Iran has telegraphed in word and deed how it plans to utilize this newfound power—namely, to dominate the Middle East and threaten American security…