ICYMI: Hot Air exclusive: Rubio warns GOP to stop the return of the ObamaCare bailout


Hot Air is pleased to provide Senator Marco Rubio with an opportunity to speak directly to voters in this guest column.

October 2, 2015 —

For too long, under both Democrats and Republicans, Washington and big businesses have teamed up to rig our economy to their benefit, often at the expense of everyday Americans. Perhaps the most outrageous example of this in recent memory is the attempt to force taxpayers to bailout the health insurance companies that have taken a hit under ObamaCare.

As ObamaCare has crashed and burned over the last few years, the big health insurance companies that had originally lobbied in its favor have been suffering major financial losses. Just recently, UnitedHealth—the nation’s largest insurer—has announced that it will likely withdraw from the exchanges entirely. Naturally, Washington’s solution is to send taxpayers the bill for its own mistakes.

In 2013, when few were talking about this issue, I saw that ObamaCare was on a crash course and predicted that bailouts would be the preferred big government solution once the law failed. I instantly began the fight to stop these bailouts by getting rid of ObamaCare’s blank check “risk corridor” provision. Ultimately, against the wishes of the insurance lobby and many politicians in Washington, I passed a measure that blocked the bailout and saved taxpayers $2.5 billion…

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