Caleb Howe, Jay Caruso Assume New Leadership Roles at

Washington, D.C. – Townhall Media officially announced Thursday that former RedState contributors Caleb Howe and Jay Caruso would be taking the helm as Managing Editor and Assistant Managing Editor, respectively, effective October 1. The transition comes as current Managing Editor, Leon Wolf, heads out for a new editorial position.

“After over a decade freelance writing at RedState, I’m excited to be taking on this new role of Managing Editor,” said Howe. “I can follow and attempt to emulate Erick and Leon, but never replace or improve upon them. I will write politics, and probably quarrel from time to time; and though I have no power, I believe in responsibility, and will tend mine with care.”

“Since its founding, RedState has served as an utterly vital voice in the conservative movement, providing diverse opinions and unique insights for those on the right,” Caruso stated. “I am honored to be chosen for this new leadership role at the site, and I look forward to helping it grow in content and influence in the years ahead.”