Bearing Arms Launches Month-Long Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign


Washington, D.C. – Townhall Media’s Second Amendment Site,, announced on Monday the launch of Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence. Spearheaded by co-editor Jenn Jacques, the campaign will feature both social and digital media content aimed to inform and empower, while also providing opportunities to find self-defense resources.

The main goal of the #BAADV campaign is to show our support for survivors of domestic violence,” said Jacques. “We hope to not only bring awareness to the reality of what can, and does, happen after victims leave an abusive relationship, but also to arm victims of domestic violence with tools that will prevent them from ever being a victim again.

“Although it’s well-known to industry insiders, some people are unaware of how the firearms industry has always worked to provide resources for anyone looking to strengthen their personal protection plan – with or without the use of weapons. Often times, searching through the vast amount of resources can be overwhelming for people.  By highlighting the education, support groups and resources available, we hope this campaign will help everyone arm themselves with the knowledge of how to take control of their personal protection rather than putting the key to their safety in someone else’s pocket.”

Throughout the month of October, Bearing Arms will roll out a series of columns, videos and regional discounts for self-defense training courses. Additionally, call-to-action engagement images and articles will be branded with the hashtag #BAADV for those who wish to show their support or share their own stories.

In partnership with Bearing Arms, a number of organizations, businesses and public figures have pledged their support to the campaign, including the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim program and the NSSF’s Project ChildSafe. At the time of launch, official sponsor and partner count was upwards of 200 participants a full list of which can be found here.

The BAADV campaign also provides a network of NRA Certified instructors who have donated their time and generously provided discounts on training for anyone with an active restraining order in the month of October.

The list of “Carol’s Crusaders” is dedicated to the memory of Carol Bowne, a victim of domestic violence who was still waiting for her New Jersey firearms permit to be processed when she was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend, despite having a restraining order against him. The goal of the campaign is to make sure that victims – both men and women alike – know where to turn for support, help, and self-defense training resources.

For interview requests, additional information or questions on how to participate, please email [email protected]. The campaign’s launch article is featured here on Bearing Arms. is dedicated covering Second Amendment-related news and firearms industry updates. Editor Bob Owens and co-editor Jenn Jacques bring years of industry experience and issue expertise. The site belongs to the Townhall Media family of web properties.